This week I’d like to give away what every guy likes and what every girl wants….the booty. Guys don’t sleep on this workout. Bo Jackson spoke at a NSCA conference and attributed all his athletic success to his booty. If the kinesiology of how the booty plays an important role in everything didn’t get you interested, then Bo should have. But first let’s get into the boring stuff and what makes “the booty”. As a disclaimer, I am going for the record of most times saying booty in one blog post. Guinness World Records take notice.

The booty consist mainly of the glutes (butt muscle) and to a lesser extent the hamstrings and lower back. It would look a little weird if someone had a booty out of nowhere and no hamstrings or lower back muscles, they would look sort of like a lollipop.   These muscles are known as the posterior chain, from now on booty equals all posterior chain muscles. Remember booty record. Your glutes are the strongest and largest muscle in the body. If you are doing anything standing or with an erect posture your glutes are working. Stand up for a second, and extend your left leg forward like you were taking a step, now as you go through that step feel your booty on the left side. Do you feel that? That is you glute working to push you forward while keeping your body upright. All your speed and power starts in your booty. See Bo does know.

With this workout or any workout you do to try and target the booty you want to keep a vertical shin. What I mean by that is your knee and shin should form a 90° angle. This angle puts all the emphasis on the glutes with the lower back and hamstrings helping out and essentially taking the quads out of the equation. Have the angle of your knee less than 90° and then the quad takes over. Like a squat for example uses a less than 90° angle at the bottom of the movement. Wide stances and single leg work the best for positioning. Good booty exercises are sumo deadlifts, split squats with the back leg on a bench (Bulgarian split squat) and lunges. The idea rep range is in the 8-12 area. This rep range stimulates muscle growth or hypertrophy. This could be your whole workout or you can sprinkle it in with a workout you are already doing. Remember form is everything a slight change in angle could result in less of a booty and everyone loses. If you have questions on form or want a workout plan to enhance or create a booty, become a member for Aesthetic Physiques.

Good Mornings                                  3x 10-12

Sumo Deadlifts                                  4×8-10

Bulgarian Split Squats                      3×10-12

Walking Lunges                                 10 mins

Booty Counter = 18 times. Don’t think that will take the record.  Oh well it was worth a shot.

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