Today marks the 75th straight day deadlifting.  What started out as something I wanted to try completely changed my training philosophy forever.

I’m not going to get into the back story of how I came up with it or why I’m doing it (you can read that here).  This is simply documenting what I’ve accomplished and things I’ve learned over the last 75 days.

First, let me breakdown my numbers for different lifts:

Conventional Deadlift: 


Now= 375lb

Romanian Deadlift: (This one I’m most proud of.  Here is what it looks like.  Not bad for a guy post back surgery.  PS That handsome SOB is me)


Now= 325lb

Incline Bench:

Initial: 220lb

Now: 245lb

Shoulder Press:

Initial: 125lb



I also had my body fat measured on Jan 11.  I came in at 13.7% at 200lb.  Four weeks later I was down to 13.2% at 204lb.  That’s an increase of about 4 ½ lb. of muscle in 4 weeks!  Gainz bro, straight freak’n gainz.

I also was able to developed an ass.  Take that past girlfriends and wife that told me I have no ass.  We booty poppin over here. (Just kidding, I’d throw my back out)

For people reading this that aren’t familiar with how to judge weight lifting progress, adding 25lb to one of your lifts is considered good progress in the same time frame.  In some cases, I was able to add 3x that.  Plus, I went up that much in all of my lifts.  Whoever said progress is a slow process?

In January I switched up to more of a bodybuilding workout (4×12,10,8,20) keeping roughly the same exercises but then February hit and I needed a rest.  Volume training is a killer.

I knew it was going to happen-The Law of Diminishing Returns hit as well as just normal body soreness.  Apparently I am not the spring chicken I once was.

So for a week in the beginning of February I did a deload week where I dropped the weight on everything.  I also had a shoulder impingement which was killing my bench press which needed time to heal.  After the deload week I went into strength training again, because that is the next logical progression, right?

February has been the month of change ups.  Since I can no longer bounce back as quickly and I’m not getting any younger, I decided to do a couple of heavy days and then the rest “lighter” days.  I also realized that on Sundays driving 20 min to the gym, working out for 20 min and then driving home another 20 min is a colossal waste of time especially when I could be writing kick ass blog posts.  So instead I so single leg deadlifts at home.  Great for loosening up the hips and the hamstrings.

The heavy days I’m still working up to a 1RM like I had been all along.  The “light” days I’ll use 85-90% of my 1RM and do sets of 5.  That’s why I put quotes around light.

To add more variation, I started doing some research. I came across Barry Ross, a high school strength coach who has put girls into the Olympics and division 1 and 2 schools for track using a simple technique.  The technique is to work in the hardest part of the movement (For a deadlift, that is from the floor to the knee.  From the knee to standing, which is widely practiced, is the strongest part of the movement) and that’s it. Take the bar from the floor to the knee, drop and repeat.  This helps build up explosive strength without adding size, which is ideal for a sprinter.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been tinkering with going from the floor to my knee using the different deadlifting forms.  I’ll throw some pauses mid shin every once in a while too to make things a little tougher.

Oh I forgot to mention I’ve been intermittent fasting too.  I’ll eat from noon to 8, so all my workouts the last 2 weeks have been in a fasted state.   I like a challenge.  More on this to come.

As for my back…the whole reason I started this experiment.  It’s aces with a z-snap.


Courtesy of paphtosomewhere

The pain is gone.  And most importantly the fear is gone.  I no longer fear lifting the toilet seat and herniating a disc (Yes that’s how it happened.  I was machine squatting 500 the day before and I’m convinced that was the original trigger).  So my original experiment was a success.  The unintentional positive results will take me to uncharted territory, for me at least.  From a guy that just did volume training, I love strength training!

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