The gym, like a woman, needs to be warmed up.  Don’t be that guy, who just jumps in and out.  Warm up properly and you can stay in the game longer.

Be honest.  How often do you warm up before a workout?

Warming up properly will help reduce your risk of injury, and is part of the Aesthetic Physiques formula for success:

Warmup + Exercise+ Hard Work + Diet =  More Gainz.  Which then turns into more ladies (and sometimes men) taking notice.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been diving right into lifting weights as soon as you hit the gym.  I’m guilty of it too.  Take something from here and warm up your body, like a fine woman, before you go H.A.M.


You can skip your warmup and go right into lifting – and you will have great sessions – but over time it’s going to catch up to you.  This goes the same for women.  Neglect their needs long enough and they’ll start noticing.  Trust me, they are smarter than the average bear.  So to be preventive, lets add a little foreplay to keep your body -and lady – happy.

Think of your muscles like elastics.  A cold elastic – or a cold muscle – is not primed to be stretched at all and will break (strain, pull or even tear).  That leads to time off which is not good for gainz – and we are all about them gainz (Remember the formula!).

A warm muscle will be more forgiving if shit goes downhill, and it will go downhill.

There are other factors that need to be addressed in the warm up besides warming up the muscle.  For instance, your nervous system, hormones and joint health all need to be addressed.  Sounds like a lot but I’ll make it simple later.


In order to lift optimally you need warm muscles and a primed nervous system.  Why nervous system?  Glad you asked.

The neurons that attach to you muscles fire an electric impulse to the muscle and Viola, you have a muscle contraction.  This is what helps you lift weights, contrary to prior belief that it was Black Magic.  The more efficient the muscle-neuron connection, the more the muscle can contract and the more weight you can lift.

This is like trying to think before your morning coffee.  It doesn’t work does it?  After your coffee (or 6) your ready to handle the day.  The nervous system needs its own coffee (your warmup) to get ready for the day.


No, I’m not talking about Spanish Fly and Nugenix.  Warming up-in the gym-begins to release testosterone, IGF-1 (helps get the amino acids into the cells; basically more gainz), and growth hormone.  All of which we want flowing through our system and all will help us look better naked.

This also puts us into the right mindset, like “Oh yea, shit is goin down!”  by the release of adrenaline.  Ever hear of normal people lifting cars off loved ones?  Yea, that’s what adrenaline does for you.  This is when I cue up Eminem’s “Til I Collapse”.


No one until your joints hurt.  Like adding WD-40 to a squeaky door hinge, your joints need some lube.  And Astro Glide will not work in this instance.

Like muscles- a loose, lubricated (I’m leaving that alone) joint will help make the workout easier and help you when shit goes down hill.

If you warmup properly, your warmup should mirror your workout to ensure properly lubricated joints and warm muscles.


Remember the stretches you learned in elementary school gym class right before you played kick ball?  Yea don’t do them.


Yea you can avoid that too.

“What the frig man, that was my entire warmup.  WTF is wrong with it?”

Both should be done – don’t get me wrong- but not at the beginning. Static stretching from your elementary school days is better suited for the end of the workout.  Done at the beginning and you are robbing yourself of valuable strength for your workout.  Plus, your muscles aren’t ready to be stretched, remember muscles = elastics. Plus, there is not a hormonal or nervous system response.

“What about jogging?”

Jogging will warm up your body, but it’s doesn’t address the hormonal or nervous system aspects.  So you’re basically just wasting time on the treadmill, like a giant hamster.


Focus on exercises that fit the following criteria:

  • They loosen up the hips, shoulders, ankles, glutes and legs
  • Use body weight at most
  • You look ridiculous

You don’t need to hit all 3, but the good ones will.  So here is the list of exercises, what area they target and ridiculous factor (1=No big thang, 5=People are definitely talking about you)

Lower Body (Hips, ankles, glutes)

Whole Body

If you have a spirit animal (hippie) then give these a whirl. These are all whole body as well

Upper Body (Shoulder, chest, back)


Don’t get your panties in a bunch, you don’t have to do all of these plus workout.  That’s crazy talk.  Instead isolate your warmup by what your doing.

If you are working out your chest does it make sense to do all the lower body warmups?  No.

Instead follow this:

Upper Body Workout:

Pick 2 whole body and 2 Upper body warmups and perform 1 set of 10 reps for each warmup exercise.

Lower Body Workout:

Pick 2 whole body and 2 lower body warmups and perform 1 set of 10 reps for each warmup exercise.

Whole Body Workout:

Pick 3 whole body (yes you will have to get a spirit animal) and 1 each of upper and lower warmup exercises.  Perform 1 set of 10 for each exercise.

Boom!  You just warmed up sucka!  Be prepared for the lovemaking session of your life (in the gym).  I can guarantee if you warmup your workouts and overall feeling will be better.  For you lasting more than 30 seconds in the sac…well your on your own pal.

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