I’m getting efficient at writing weekly posts which is freeing up some time to come up with ideas to make Aesthetic Physiques better and more helpful – and no getting rid of me is not on the table, sorry.

Hold on to your butts because I have ideas about t-shirts, products, challenges and a whole host of other super terrific stuff.  You might even say it’s off the hezzy fo shezzy.


I realized that after Sunday, there is really no reason to come to the site until a new post goes live which is a really shitty way to run a prospective business.  So, I’m going to start doing mid-week posts as well.  I’m thinking Thursday as a go live day.  These post will be shorter – although I’m not sure this one will be – and they will be updates on the site, stuff I have going on and workouts.   Don’t worry I’ll only update you about me when I have something cool going on and not what I ate for dinner the past week.


If you’ve made a significant change in your life because of something I wrote I want to feature your story in a post.  Don’t worry I’ll do all the heavy lifting (or typing), all you have to do is tell me about it.  Success breeds success.  Your story might help someone else change their life around.


If I ever want to quit my day job and do this full time I need a source of income.  Yes –  this is a real goal of mine.  You can laugh, my parents still don’t understand it either.  They think I spend too much time on the damn interwebs.

All jokes aside, I did some real thinking about what could provide to better serve the you guys.  And I came up with an idea to create a product that will make getting healthy simple because we all have way too much other crap on our mind.  Kids, jobs, paying the bills and somewhere below cutting our toe nails on the To-Do list is getting healthy.

It’s always one of these excuses …It’s too complicated. Too hard. I don’t have time.

What if I could create something that would take all the guess work out, break it down into simple digestible steps and fit it into your schedule?  Would you be interested?  Hell, I got a boner just thinking about it.

It’s still in the planning stages now, I’m just trying to gauge interest before I go spend months creating something and no one buys it.

So before you say yea or nay hear me out.  The product would be sold on this site and contain:

Fitness Guide ebook:

Wasting time at the gym: Common things that I see people doing at the gym that aren’t benefitting them.  All the stuff you need and nothing you don’t

How to Succeed:  The mental game of getting healthy.

Getting Started:  Actionable steps to help you say when you look in the mirror ” Hot damn, I’m a fine piece of ass”.  

Stuff to Help You:  Equipment that will help you on your journey.  

Diet Guide ebook:

Diet 101:  All the stuff you should have been taught in school but they failed you.  Nutrition labels, navigating a super market, how to tell when a food label is lying to you.

Eating in Restaurants: What to eat when out, what to watch out for and what is good some of the time.

How to Succeed: The mental game of dieting and eating healthy.

How to Get Started:  Actionable steps to help you eat healthier and not want to put a bullet in your head.

The Workout Guide ebook:

Routines:  A years worth of workouts with progression so you can make some serious gainz.  The workouts are gender neutral so like Target bathrooms (too soon?).

Workouts: 4 different sets of workouts for a year – Beginners, home workouts without weights, gaining strength and fat loss.  

Video How-To’s: Squats, Deadlifts, Benching and more by your’s truly.  More Rhode Island accent than you could shake a coffee milk and a hot wiener at.

App: This isn’t in stone yet, but I was thinking of creating an app that links to aesthetic-physiques.com and that will allow you to track your workouts. 

Again if you know a guy or know a guy a guy that knows a guy that can create apps let me know.

I’d love suggestions to help make this product the best thing since the thigh master.

If you want to help create this with me in any capacity (again, I’ll be doing all the heavy lifting) here is what I ask and will offer:

  1. Sign up for the emails to the right – where it says “Newsletter”. If you already did, you’re good.
  2. If you help me create it, with ideas, proofing it or if you can create my app – I’ll give you everything for free when it’s done.  Plus, an Aesthetic Physiques t-shirt. The only stipulation is you have to be active throughout the whole process.  I don’t want someone giving me a half-assed idea once and then asking for free shit.  F that guy!
  3. If you signed up for the emails but you don’t want to help, I’ll send you a coupon code for 25% off of the product just because you opted in on the site.
  4. I will be doing a drawing when the product is launched from the people who have opted in on the site and 3 people will win the product, t-shirt and app (if available) for free.

 Now you can say yea or nay by taking this 15 sec survey.  If there is no comments or no one takes the survey I’m going to scrap the idea for now.  So let your voice be heard!


The world is on a slippery slope of obesity.  If you know someone that could benefit from this site, please tell them about it and share the posts through social media.  

To the ones that have been I sincerely thank you, I’d be talking to myself if you hadn’t. 

The Facebook algorithm is whack and will only show my posts to a small group and if those people click the link, share it or comment then it will go to a wider audience.  If no one shares, then no one sees it and I end up crying myself to sleep.


To get more talking, more involvement and more everything –  I want to start some 30 day challenges to help you take the first steps.  Through 5 mins of thinking I came up with some prospective challenges:

Squatting everyday

The 5 minute daily exercise or the commercial workout

Read 1 book page a day

Stand or walk for an extra hour a day

Stop a bad habit

Eating Clean

No Alcohol

I’m up for ideas just comment below.

This brings me to my next topic…


Why is crossfit popular? Or Facebook (besides the ability to creep)?  Community.  I want to start an Aesthetic Physiques community on the website.  The only thing is you can’t have a community with just one person.  I need people!

We can incorporate the challenges, shit talking and whatever else may come up.  No creeping and no a/s/l, that shit is dated.  Just a bunch of people talking, encouraging, sharing in others successes with people in the same boat of trying to get healthy.

Studies show that a community ups the adherence to a diet or new workout so let’s start our own.  If you’re in, let me know in the comment section.


Like Kanye and Snoop, I’m trying to change the clothing game.  

Actually, scratch that, I just want to get some t-shirts out.

I wanted to share some designs I’m working on so you can rock the hottest gear this fall.  I am open for feedback on what you think of the shirts (just comment below).  I wanted to show you these before I start printing them.  

The shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton from Gildan and more of a regular fitting t-shirt.  Right now white is the only color.  Maybe in the future we can get a few different colors going.  

The shirts will have a big Aesthetic Physiques logo on the front and the back will have a smaller logo with the URL underneath and the always catchy slogan “Look Better Naked”.

So here are the shirts:


I don’t want to invest a large sum of money to place a big order up front, so next week or the week after I’ll start taking pre-orders so I can order the right amount of the right sizes.

If you have a minute, fill out this quick survey, letting me know if you’re interested in buying a shirt and which size you’ll need.  If you fill out the 3 question survey, leave your email and tell a friend, and I’ll pick a winner at free random to receive a FREE Aesthetic Physiques shirt!  


I need to get more people to the site and the best way to do that is with me guest posting (writing) on another site.  I am talking to a popular website right now about possibly writing for them (and they pay me!) and I have a few other sites in mind.  I’m going to be doing more research but here are the few I want to guest post for:

Art of Manliness


Huffington Post

If you know anyone or know a guy that knows a guy that could get me in, please let me know.  Or if you have any sites that you think would be a good fit, comment below.