I get bored easily.

Bad for the girlfriends I had in high school, but it has been beneficial when it comes to the gym.

I tend to experiment a lot with different workout paradigms and this workout is no different.

In June, I decided to go back to an old favorite, German Volume Training (GVT) to get a little swole for summer so I can take multiple swolfies.  Thinking about GVT makes me happy in the pants.  Could be a worse way to get my jollies right?

GVT is great for getting strong and putting on some serious muscle.  I used it to re-acclimate myself to the gym after surgery.

Typical GVT workouts do 10 sets of 10 reps for 2 compound exercises (squat, deadlift, bench etc.) and then some smaller isolation work, like chest flyes or curls for 3 sets of 10-12.

Then I got the idea of adding more reps because 200+ reps weren’t enough for me.

And along came my 300 rep workout.  While it’s more than 300 reps in total, the 357 rep workout doesn’t have the same ring to it.

If you didn’t guess already that’s 3 exercises of 10×10 followed by some ab work for about 50 reps.

Intimidated yet?  I haven’t even got to the best part.

The main component to GVT, besides the reps, is the slow controlled movements.  That’s what makes the muscles grow.  For the 300 rep workout, use a 2-0-2 cadence.  So take 2 sec to lower the weight and then 2 sec to raise the weight for every rep of your 300+ reps in the workout.  If you’re wondering I am doing an evil laugh as I write this.

All the exercises that are 10×10 use 60% of your 1RM or a weight you can lift 20 times. For rest periods use 1 minute.  This is critical, use a stopwatch. 

If you can’t finish the set (it will happen) start the timer.  Once you stop that set is over.  Prep for the next set.  The idea is that you won’t be able to finish all 10 sets and if you can, you didn’t use enough weight.  If you did finish all the reps per set, then next time add 5 -10lbs.

The 300 rep workout puts you on an emotional rollercoaster.  Here is your train of though by sets:

Set 1-2: Dave is so full of shit.  This workout isn’t doing anything.

Set 3-4: OK, OK it’s getting a little tough but I can finish this out no problem.

Set 5-8: Fuck this guy and his stupid workouts.  This is impossible.  No one can finish all of this.

Set 9-10: I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!


Every set, every day this was exactly what was going through my mind.


Day 1

Barbell Flat Bench 10×10

Incline Barbell Bench 10×10

Cable Fly with a Pronated Grip (fingers pointing down) 10×10

Ab wheel 4×15,

Day 2

Pullup/Lat Pulldown 10×10

Dumbbell Row 10×10

Chin up 10×10

Crunches 4×25

Day 3

Seated Barbell Shoulder Press 10×10

Barbell Shrugs 10×10

EZ-Bar Upright Row 10×10

Plank 4x1min

Day 4

EZ-Bar Curl 5×10

Skullcrushers 5×10

Dips 5×10

Incline Curls 5×10

Myotatic crunch 4×12 add weight if easy

Day 5

Squat/ Leg press 10×10

Deadlift 10×10

Seated Calf Raises 10×10

Toes 2 Bar 4×12

Do this for 4-6 weeks…if you can.  I made a pdf excel spreadsheet so you can bring this to the gym and record the weights you used for convenience. Download it here: 300 rep workout

In other news, the inaugural 30 day squat challenge is up.  Check it out if you want your ass to hurt in a good way.

Great for the ladies looking to tone up you rear end or for anyone looking to try something that will test them.  I’ll be doing it and posting it to Twitter, Instagram and the Aesthetic Physiques Facebook page.

If you start today, you will be on day 5 by Monday.  If you start Monday, you’ll already be 4 days behind me.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about the 30 day squat challenge and what you think about the 300 rep workout.



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