15 minutes is all you need for a full body workout to get your heart pumping and the fat burning. 

I get it.

You know you need to work out but you don’t know how you can fit it into your busy schedule.

Work is killing you.

The kids are nonstop.

All you wanna do is Netflix and chill (I literally just found what this actually means 3 weeks ago.  I’m such an old man).

That’s ok, I’ll bring the workout to you.  The only equipment you need is a chair.  Got that and 15 minutes?  Perfect, now you can work out.

So how can you get a full workout in 15 minutes?  It’s not going to be easy but it can be done with circuits. 

Not the ones you used to stick forks in when you were a kid.  I’m talking about the ones where you do one exercise and immediately do the next one.  In our case, we are going to do that with 3 exercises.  Back to back to back like the Bulls of the 90’s.  Ahh the good old days of basketball.

But I digress.


I made this workout with very minimal equipment because not everyone has dumbbells or a puppy to use.  Taco hasn’t told me he doesn’t like it yet so I assume he likes it.  Yes, my dog’s name is Taco and no he is not a Chihuahua.  He’s just a chick magnet.

All you really need is either a chair or a couch – it doesn’t matter which as long as it can support your weight.


Great now that song is stuck in my head.  Anyway, this is how I envision the workout.

First, setup a timer.  Your phone is good enough for our purpose.  This is required because we are doing a timed circuit. 

You’ll alternate between 30 seconds of exercise then 30 seconds of rest for 12 minutes.  This will be the case for Day 1,3 and 5.  Day 2 and 4 are different animals – you’ll see what I mean in the workout section.

Because I like examples, here is what I mean by 30 seconds of exercise then 30 seconds of rest: Day 1 exercises: Pushup, Superman, Hip Thrusters.

Perform pushups for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds until the timer reaches 1 minute and perform the superman for 30 seconds.  Rest 30 seconds and on minute 2 perform the hip thrusters.  Rest 30 seconds and start back up with the pushups on minute 3.  Keep repeating until time is up.

Clear as mud?  Good.


Some people aren’t going to be able to do 30 seconds of each exercise right away.  That’s fine, we all start somewhere. 

The first time you do the workout, do your best and if that is 10 seconds then so be it.  The important thing is you are taking action.  Focus on that.

Take the rest of the minute to catch your breath and keep your heart from exploding out of your chest.  Once the minute hits start doing the next exercise. 

You will get better in time but don’t kill yourself on the first day. 

If this is you don’t get discouraged – you’re not used to this work.  Aim to do 5 seconds of more work the next time.  If you can add 5 seconds the next time, that means you progressed.  Congrats!


Good thing this isn’t Planet Fitness, you’d be thrown out with that kind of work ethic. 

If 30 seconds of exercise isn’t enough, then bump it up another 10 seconds and only take a 20 second rest.  Try that mother-f’er on for size tough guy.


All the exercises have links to videos explaining each one.  Had I planned ahead you’d see my ugly mug demonstrating each one.  Eventually I’ll get around to doing it. 

Day 1

Set timer for 12 minutes.  30 seconds of exercise, 30 seconds of rest.



Hip Thrusters(alternate legs)


Day 2

Burpees for 20 secs, rest for 40 sec.  Repeat every minute on the minute for a total of 10 minutes.

Plank 2 x 45 sec


Day 3

Set timer for 12 minutes.  30 seconds of exercise, 30 seconds of rest.

Body Weight Squats

Good Mornings

Backwards Lunges


Day 4

Walking Lunge 5 minutes

Mountain Climbers 3 x 45 sec


Day 5

Set timer for 12 minutes.  30 seconds of exercise, 30 seconds of rest.

Reverse Snow Angel (no weight)


Chair Dips

Good luck and comment below to let me know how it goes.  I love the feedback.


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