Catching up on Stranger Things is time consuming; which means exercise is the odd man out in your day. Here’s how to lose weight while still binge watching TV until your eyes bleed.

Let me start off with this…I LOVE TV.
I’ll watch just about anything – if nothing else it will help me take an afternoon nap.
I wouldn’t want someone telling me I can’t watch House Hunters for hours so I’m not going to do that to you.
I will show you how to optimize your time while watching TV, so you can work up a little sweat, drop some lb’s and still finish a whole season of Homeland in 2 days. (side note: I just started watching it and I love it.)
A typical 30-minute show is 21 minutes and hour show is 43 minutes on TV. That’s the equivalent of opening a bag of chips and it only being ½ a bag. That gives us plenty of time to burn some calories during commercials.

Get your spandex on, it’s time to workout.



I’m not going to make you get any equipment. Unless you don’t have a couch… you might want to get one if you’re going to binge watch TV. It’s pretty important.
I’ve made this workout so you can quickly transition from watching your show to workout mode back to show watching seamlessly.


Workout for just the commercials. Do the exercise for 1 commercial and move on to the next exercise for the next commercial. Repeat the sequence until the show is back on and for every commercial break that day. I’m assuming you watch TV 5 days a week.

Day 1
jumping jacks

Day 2
bicycle crunch
couch pushup

Day 3
couch dips

Day 4
glute bridges
calf raises
couch crunch

Day 5
side plank (each side gets 20 seconds)
mountain climbers

Try to beat the total number of reps you can do in a commercial from the previous week.


Let’s say you’re more of a Netflix, Hulu type person. I’m with you on this one.
Now these provide a particular tricky task since they take out all the commercials. Well played Netflix, well played.
If kids can find a time to have sex while watching a show, we can find time to work out damnit.
Since there are no commercials we are going to have to break it down by scenes common to just about all shows.
I tried to incorporate the common things but this is not in any way an exhaustive list. If you can think of anything else, comment below.


A gun is drawn: 10 squats
Someone dies: 20 jumping jack
Sex scene: 20 glute raises
Someone cries (whining counts): 20 pushups
Plot twist: 10 crunches
Cheesy joke: 20 burpees
Fight scene: 10 lunges
Drugs are used or talked about: 10 mountain climbers
Alcohol is consumed: 10 couch dips

So did I miss anything in my list above? Let me know below.
What show are you currently watching? Let me know. Right now that’s Homeland for me.


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