Ice Cube is going to drop some knowledge on why you can’t lose weight. 

If you grew up in the late 80’s-early 90’s there is a good chance you were raised on the same music I was – West Coast Gangsta Rap.  As you might have guessed, being a white kid growing up in the suburbs of Rhode Island, Gangsta Rap struck a particular cord with me.


While not the pinnacles of health, mainly due to rollin down the street smokin indo and probably less than stealer eating habits (it’s a guess, I know how I get after a little Gin and Juice), there are still diet lessons you can take away.


The lesson I’m thinking of is the biggest reason so many people fail on diets which no one talks about.  Your attitude.  And Ice Cube has a little advice for you…


You betta check yo self before you wreck yo self.


That’s right, Cube knew it back in ‘92.  Your attitude sucked.


Looking back at to December last year, were you all amped up to finally make a change? 


I bet you did all the usual things – got a gym membership, signed up for some classes, found a good diet that promised you results and hit the ground running January 2nd.  


But then around January 20th life jumped in and shit went downhill fast. 


So what went wrong?  You had a fool proof plan.


Most people have a crappy attitude towards dieting and they end up failing.  They dread being hungry and giving up the food they love.  Having a crappy attitude about dieting is like shooting yourself in the foot before a race.


That’s why when I showed my dad the Slow Carb Diet I emphasized the cheat day and eating as much as he wants for meat and veggies.


Your attitude is a crucial part of being successful with your diet and in life.  Come in with a crappy attitude and you’ll get a crappy result.


I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

– Charles R. Swindoll


Let’s ring in 2017 with a positive attitude towards dieting and exercise. 


An attitude will make or break your success.  That’s why I’ve identified 11 attitudes that will keep you from losing the fat you’ve struggled to lose for years. 


To rip off the slogan for my benefit:


Change your attitude.  Change the world.






Being big boned and having a slow metabolism are a few excuses why people are destined to be overweight their entire life.


Truth be told, you have a 1:1000 chance of having a genetic disorder.  Those are the same odds as getting pregnant while taking the pill.  Thankfully for me, those aren’t great odds.


Yes, some people have bigger bones than others.  My bones (being 6’2”) are bigger than my wife’s (scraping the skies at 5’2”).  But bigger bones do not contribute to the fat surrounding them and to unhealthy eating habits.




The way you eat is solely determined by you.  To a lot of people, it’s not their fault they ate the pizza for lunch, it’s was free. 


Unless your being water boarded with milkshakes and soda, no one else puts the food in your mouth.


Take accountability for the food you put in your mouth.




This attitude is the reason why you see “7 minute abs” and guaranteed weight loss of 10lbs or more in a week!  Wowie Zowie!!!!


You might be able to drop 10lbs in a week but it’s going to be water weight and causing you to spend a good portion of your week in the bathroom. 

Give yourself the same amount of time to lose the weight as it took you to gain the weight.

It’s not sexy and it won’t sell well but it’s the truth, a healthy weight loss goal is 1% of your bodyweight a week.  Got 50lbs to lose?  Give yourself at least a year. 




Why be happy with the progress when you can just crap on your own parade? 


This attitude makes people focus on what they don’t have rather than enjoying the small wins. 


For example, when losing weight, the belly and hips are the last places to lose fat.  The arms are one of the first to lose fat.  So you could have rock star, Hollywood looking arms but your belly could still jiggle when you walk. 


Rather than being happy with your new guns, you focus on your gut.  Be happy with the small wins, trust the process and start selling tickets to your gun show.  




This is like the fight scene in Anchorman.  You go from eating healthy for a few weeks then one little drink on the weekend turns into a 3-day blur of intravenous drug use, strippers and Five Guys.


You figure, I screwed up might as well go all out.  If that’s the case, I’d hate to see your savings account after spontaneously buying a pack of gum.


You’re going to screw up on your diet, it happens to everyone.  Move on and salvage the rest of the day.  No need to go off the rails after a little cookie.




This attitude causes some people like to discredit others weight loss achievements by claiming they know how to do it but “they just don’t want to”.  


In reality they are just trying to put other people down to make up for their insecurities and ever increasing waistline.  Focus less on discrediting others hard work and start looking at your lack of.




Always looking for a shortcut only leads to you chasing your tail.  Without a proper foundation of good eating habits, all the hacks in the world won’t get you skinny.


This includes supplements and magical pills.  There is no shortcut to losing weight, you can optimize, but nothing will overcome shitty eating habits. 


Build a foundation, improve it, then optimize. 




Dieting is hard, there are way too many temptations out there.  But then again getting fat is hard too.  You have to consciously make bad choices and stuff your face consistently.


Eating healthy and cutting calories is only as hard as you make it.  If you come in with a piss-poor attitude, you’re going to get piss-poor results. 


If you go into watching a new show already convinced it’s going to suck, after you watch it does it suck any less?  Same goes for dieting.  Go in with a good attitude and good results will come.




I am 100% behind rewarding good behaviors.  It works for dogs and it works for people.  The way you reward yourself is the trick.


Doing 10 minutes of walking does not warrant a piece of cake.  However, a piece of cake every couple of weeks for consistent healthy eating and exercising is warranted.


I eat ice cream, pizza, drink wine and anything else that tickles my fancy.  I just do it sparingly.  This keeps the reward as a reward.  It keeps me motivated and makes me happy in the pants. 


Try this with potato chips.  I won’t lie, the first 2 are amazing.  After that, the flavor takes a sharp decline and you keep eating just to feed the habit.  Try it out and pay attention to the flavor of the first 2 chips and the chips after.  Chips 3 and on taste like sand.


Reward yourself appropriately or sparingly.  It helps drive and it just tastes better when you haven’t had it in a while.




This one cracks me up but I can’t throw stones.   I’ve played the part of the rogue cop.  His life sucks, he lashes out and drinks like a fish only to hide the pain.


Do you come home from a tough day/week at work to relax with a glass of wine?  Cliché.


I need to drink with my bros?  Cliché.


Do you need a pint of ice cream because you’re sad?  Cliché.


These examples are learned behaviors that make you think you need them.  A learned behavior can be unlearned or reprogrammed. 


Instead of following the movies, substitute in exercise for wine.  Exercise will actually lower your stress levels and give you more energy.


Water pong anyone?


If you’re sad, exercise has been shown to reduce depression




All these attitudes will keep you fat, they are all self-sabotaging thoughts.  Dieting and changing bad habits is already hard enough, don’t make it harder on yourself.


Step 1:  Pay attention to your thoughts.


Step 2: Ask yourself why you’re trying to sabotage you own success.


Step 3:  Tell yourself what you would tell a friend in your situation.


It all basically boils down to accountability and not believing your own bullshit.  If you can accomplish those you can conquer the world.

Your Turn

Who was you favorite rapper back in the day?  Mine was Snoop.

How are you self-sabotaging your progress?

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