Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Aesthetic Physiques proudly brings to you some new announcements! 

Now if I could only do it like the Road Dogg it would be so much cooler…


If you haven’t Liked Aesthetic Physiques on Facebook (which you should) and you don’t follow me on the ‘gram (which you should) you missed out on a big announcement last week.    

My friend Mike came up with a super terrific idea to start a Facebook group for like-minded people trying to get in shape.  He was looking for extra motivation going into the New Year and what better way to do it than with a bunch of people trying to do the same in the spirit of a friendly competition.

We got a pretty good response with the video I posted so we are going to move forward with it.  The group is open now but it’s not pretty yet. I’ll keep it open until 1/2.  The competition will run from 1/2 until 2/12.  I’m thinking the biggest transformation will win a Free Aesthetic Physiques tee and a virtual high five from me. 

It’ll be a closed group so no outside creeps can see our sexy before and after pics.

I’ve thought about different metrics on how to judge this, but the only one that seemed to make sense was biggest transformation.  That can encompass getting more muscular, getting stronger or losing weight.  I can’t do weight lost or weight lifted because everyone is on different levels and it would be unfair. 

With any competition there are a few rules:

You must take a before pic and whatever other metric you’d like to track (waist, hip measurements etc.)  You don’t have to post this pic or the measurements to the group or social media but you are more than welcome to.  This will be needed for the judging and to remind yourself of where you started.

No insulting other people in the group.  This group is meant to help and support.  You will be kicked out of our clubhouse if you insult anyone.

Swearing is OK but not at other people.  See rule above.

Anyone and everyone is welcome.  I don’t care if you weigh 115lbs or were featured on My 600lb Life. Man, woman, undecided or some crazy being with a cone head with knobs on your back, you are all welcome.

No question is stupid.  If you need to ask that means you don’t know it.  I’m here to educate to the best of my abilities.

So you might be saying “I’m in, but where do I start?”

Great question.  Here are my totally biased opinions:

Weight/fat loss diet: Slow Carb or Carb Cycling (a lot of willpower required for this bad boy)

Muscle gain diet: Anabolic Diet

Workout for fat loss: Holy HIIT Workout

Workout for muscle gain: The Ripped Strength Workout

Workout for strength gain: 300 Rep Workout

Workout for cardio haters: Lift Heavy, Get Lean, Get Abs

Don’t feel like you have to use just workouts or diets from Aesthetic Physiques.  The best diet is worthless if you can’t stick to it.  Find something that you like and go with that.  If you are having trouble finding one, send me a message and we’ll figure something out.  Same goes for workouts.  Do something you’ll stick with.  Don’t lift weights if you hate it.

The goal of this group is to support and help as many people as possible reach their goals or at least start you down the right path.  So if you know someone that has been struggling with weight issues Share this with them.  


DAVE 24/7

I am going to be part of the group but I won’t be partaking in the competition since I’m judging. I’ll still be holding myself accountable through this group and social media like everyone else, but I need another driver. 

I’ve tried using vacations, summer and Thanksgiving as deadlines for abs this past year but the drive was never there for me for a few reasons.  

1) I was experimenting with different diets which didn’t produce the results I wanted, 

2) there was no real need for me to have abs at any point and 

3) I never set up a system of accountability.  

So if you read any of my goal setting posts you know I did everything wrong.  See I fail at dieting too.

So I got the “bright idea” to show what it takes to get abs.  Magazines and some shady websites will have you think it’s tough so you should buy their product to magically get abs.  The truth is it’s all about nutrition.  No product or special supplements needed. 

This plan is way out of my comfort zone for anyone that knows me personally.

I’ve been “trying” to get a social media following for all of 2016 with no success.  I was never consistent with it so my only real option is to go balls out in the other direction. Which lead me to this…

Starting 1/2, I’m going to be posting on Instagram multiple times daily to show you what it takes to get abs.  Meal pics, recipes, workout videos, the struggles, the success and most importantly progress pics of a guy that could make Casper look tan.  

Go big or gone home, right?  So if you want to see what it takes to get abs and step into my world for a little bit, follow me on the ‘gram


Walking in the footsteps of Hilfiger, Michael Kors and The Kardashians, I’ve finally come out with my own clothing line. 

It’s still in its infancy, so you can expect more designs in the future.  The design is the Aesthetic Physiques logo with website and finally the slogan “Look Better Naked” like so…


I’ve had to change distributors a couple times because for whatever reason, companies don’t like money.  It makes no sense to me, but hey I’m just a simple fitness writer.

With this company they offer more than just tees which is awesome.  There are hoodies, tees, baseball tees for both men and women.  If I went with other distributers it would be just tees, so we definitely got an upgrade.

All the payments go through the distributer, Spreadshirt, and they have all the security in place to keep your credit cards safe.  I’ve already bought 5 shirts for demos already and I am really happy with the quality and delivery (2-3 days usually).   

If you are interested, here is the link to the store.

If you have suggestions for new designs, comment below and let me know.  Feedback is always welcome.



Do you have a better idea to judge the Facebook group?


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