Don’t you hate having a question but no one to answer it?


Imagine this.


You have a workout related question and can’t find the answer online.  You’d ask the people at the gym but you’d rather keep to yourself.  The dudes at the gym are to creepy anyways.


What do you do?


You could let it go unanswered and never make anymore gainz.  That would be a colossal waste of your time.


If only there were a place where someone with knowledge was answering questions from people like you live.




Oh schnaap son I know a place!

This past weekend I did a Facebook Live in the Aesthetic Physiques community to answer questions from readers just like you.  Despite the tech hiccup and the fact that this was my first time, I really enjoyed it and the attendees (I guess that is what they are called) got something out of it.


Plus, I got to interact with the community which was awesome.  I’ll be doing more of these in the future but the only way to catch them is if you are a member of the community and you subscribe to get emails from me.  Yea I’m going there girlfriend.


Here is a little preview of what went down.




Any Exercises that you always include in your weekly routine?


I always try to keep the big exercises in my routine.  So the bench, pullup, bent over rows squats, shoulder press, deadlifts. Unless I’m trying to take time off, that would be the only real time I take those out. I could do a whole week of just those.  Everything else I’ll throw in depending on what my goal is.


Dave, I want to burn the most amount of calories at the gym.  I should…


Work out faster.  Limit your rest periods and I would advise against cardio.  Well I wouldn’t advise against it, it’s good for you, especially your heart, but to burn the most amount of calories you want to have muscle damage.  It sounds kinda strange but you want that.


When you do 30 minutes of cardio, you burn calories for those 30 minutes plus maybe an hour after as your body recoups.  By working out faster and limiting your rest periods, (like supersetting) you inflict more damage to your muscles which requires your body to replenish itself.  That’s were your calories come in.   The fats work to make the hormones, the protein to build the muscle and for the carbs to supply the glucose for energy and to work with the protein to build a bigger muscle.


If you want to burn the most calories while working out I would superset, cut rest periods to about 30 secs and lift as heavy as you can in that time frame.  If you were to lift a lot of lighter weights you won’t get the same effect as you would lift heavy weights.  If you can do an exercise for more than 8 reps, add five to ten pounds to that.  Lift heavy weights, cut rest periods and superset and you can probably get out of there in 45 minutes.


Follow up for the calorie burning question…same plan for females?


Females yes.  My wife made a comment when I was sending my workout out to the community and she asked for the girl version.  There is no girl version.  Girls are capable of doing the same exercises as men.  Granted they can’t lift as much weight, especially with their upper body, because men traditionally tend to be have stronger upper bodies while women tend to be pound for pound stronger in the legs.


It’s all based on the weight you can use.  So if you are a female, and you want to bench press, you aren’t going to put up 225 but even if you put up 50 pounds you’ll still get the benefits.  Females lack the hormonal profile to put on a lot of muscle.  Women produce more estrogen, which is why they are women.  Men produce more testosterone which makes us men.  As long as the women aren’t supplementing with extra testosterone or lowering their estrogen levels then they’re not going to get big and bulky.


They will put on some muscle but it also depends on how they work out.  If a woman works out in the 8-12 rep range, that will make them bulky [Note:  This also requires a lot of strategic eating].  I did that rep range for a lot of years, that’s why I seem bigger than I should be.  But I’m not as strong as I should be for my size because I never strength trained until I hurt my back.


If women want to work out, do the same workouts as men, it doesn’t make any difference.  You won’t put on muscle like men, because you lack testosterone, which is a key element to putting on muscle.  My wife works out.  She squats, she tried pullups today.  I mean she is 115 to 120 pounds soaking wet and she is very slim.  She’s not going to get big and bulky because she doesn’t eat like a bodybuilder.  She doesn’t eat like a powerlifter, so she won’t get big like a powerlifter.


This paradigm that women have that if they can’t lift a weight heavier than 10 pounds or they need a pink dumbbell is stupid.  That’s the media tell you that you need special workouts.  You don’t need special workouts.  You’re not going to get big and bulky, you’re going to get muscle.


Muscle takes up less area than fat.  If you look at a pound of fat and a pound of muscle, the muscle takes up a lot less space.  So you will shrink down but you will get stronger.


[Step off soap box]


Women, do the same workouts as men.  You won’t get big and bulky I promise.


[Side Note:  Ladies, check out Staci Ardison from  She deadlifts more than me and weighs considerably less too. Check her out while I eat my humble pie in the corner.]


Question about your article on dedication…how can I be Tom Brady level of dedicated?


What a douche [Tom is the douche not the person that asked the question].  For those of you that don’t know, I hate the Patriots, more specifically Tom Brady.  I think he’s a giant d-bag.


So how can you get Tom Brady-esque dedication?  I’m not going to recommend you eat avocado ice cream because that sounds awful.  Dedication is just a culmination of habits.


I don’t think I’m all that dedicated to go to the gym.  I just have the habit of going to the gym.  My gym habit is no different than someone who smokes, honestly.  I’ve been going to the gym for so long that if I don’t go I feel off.  It feels like my day hasn’t started.  That’s why I Saturdays I’ll get up early to hit the gym just so I can feel like “Yes, I started my day.”  To get Tom Brady-esque dedication you need to build up small habits in the right direction.  I’ve written about this a couple of times here and here.


It sounds so stupid but it’s been proven to work multiple times, just go [to the gym] for five minutes.  If you’ve never been to the gym and your very apprehensive about going or you go for a week, skip 3, go for a day then miss 4 just make it part of your schedule to go to the gym for five minutes.  Go in, walk on the treadmill for five minutes if you don’t or can’t lift weights, and then get out.  Do the same thing the next day at the same time.  This builds the habit of getting to the gym and that is the toughest part.


This is also a low barrier of success; I mean it’s five minutes.  You’re on Facebook for how long?  You have five minutes to hit the gym.


New Year’s Resolutioners say I’m going to go to the gym five days a week and I’m going to eat clean all the time.  No cheat meals, I’m going to go hardcore healthy and get abs.  Then two weeks later they’re on the couch with a bag of Dorito’s and a two liter of Mountain Dew.  Why does that not work?  You are trying to change too many things at once.


First you have to start small, five minutes at the gym.  Every day the same thing.  Eventually you’ll be like “Well I’m already here, why don’t I work out?”  Then you start getting into the groove of this gym thing.  Next thing you know you’ll be addicted like me.


If you want to do it at home, just do a five-minute home workout.  I have TV workouts, quick fat burning workouts.  In between commercials bang out a few sets of burpees, body weight squats.  Keep on that consistently so when you look back you’ll be like “Whhaaaatttt?  I can’t believe I just did that!”  So that is for going to the gym.


For eating, pick one food or meal and redesign it to be healthy.  Take my dad for example, he would always go to a bagel shop in the morning to get a low calorie bagel and a coffee.  So I told him instead of doing that have a protein shake and throw some vegetables in there and have that in the morning.  That little tweak helped him lose 30 pounds without exercise.  I always ask him when he is going to go to the gym and he always tells me “I know a guy named Jim.”


Say you eat fast food a lot, find a substitute for it.  Meal prep, healthy fast food in your fridge.  It’s the same thing they do for fast food anyway.  Or take breakfast for example, try a high protein breakfast.  That will do wonders for you.  Start small, don’t go reinvent your whole day.  If you do that you’ll just fail and get aggravated.


Start small.  Change one meal and go to the gym for five minutes consistently and shit will change.  I guarantee it.


Damn that dude is long winded.  So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in join the community.  We’d love to have you.




It’s that time again!  This time we are doing a mixed lunge challenge.  It’s will be a mix of forward, backward and side to side lunges to get that booty in shape for bikini season.


I took a poll of the community (damn there is a lot of shit going down in here) and this is what was the highest voted challenge.




Well the women that want a nice firm booty for when it warms up are a given.  Who doesn’t like a firm behind?


Then there are the guys who lift heavy ish and put it down.  They are a given too if they want to injury proof their knees and strengthen their legs.  So they’re in.


Finally, there is the group of people who want to workout at home and don’t have a lot of time to burn some serious calories.  Well this group is in because within 10 minutes you’ll get the benefits of weight lifting and cardio all while the little one is dreaming about brightly colored objects hanging 12 inches about their faces.


I’d even be willing to throw people recovering from back surgery as well.  Lunges are a great way to strengthen your posterior chain and legs without loading up your back with weights.


If you are interested, head over to the Aesthetic Physiques Community to be a part of the next 30-day challenge starting Monday February 20th


Sorry if this was a little salesy but I’m really proud of this community and I like interacting with them daily.  There is a lot of good people and we are all here to help each other succeed.

If you know someone who could benefit from this article, please share it on Facebook or Twitter.  2 out of 3 people are obese today, let’s start a change.