Are you on information overload on how to get into Speedo shape for summer?


Right around now is when all the supplement, magazines and websites (mine included) are pitching to get people in shape for the summer.


You need the right diet.


You need the right workout.


You need the right color of Speedo.


It’s way too much to think about plus that little thing called life that needs your attention too.


Most of us will get frustrated and just hope for a better start in 2018.


But, I can’t let you do that.  


As the self proclaimed Master of the Simplicity Universe, I’m going to show you what you should be focusing on to get you ready to rock that banana hammock by mid June.  


Oh and don’t forget to get some tube socks – the water is cold.  






Technique: a way you do something


Flip through any fitness magazine or scroll through a website and everyone has the “ultimate” technique to get in shape.  


A technique could be anything like:


HIIT (Technique for losing fat)

5×5 (Technique for getting stronger)

Dropsets (Technique for adding more volume)

Hitting the Window of Gainz (Technique for ensuring your gainz don’t go to waste)

Carb Cycling (Dieting Technique for losing fat)

Paleo (Dieting Technique for being a d-bag)  I kid…somewhat.


Techniques are just different ways to get to your end goal.  Think about technique as the kind of car you have.  


This is where a lot of people get lost.  Focusing too much on which technique to use only to use none of them.  As Eric B and Rakim said “Don’t Sweat the Technique”. 


If you don’t remember this song, shame on you if you don’t, go check it out – I’ll wait.  


See what I’m saying?  




Strategy: Overarching plan


Strategies are what you get by taking the 30,000ft view of techniques.  


Taking an example from above, if your goal is to get stronger then your strategy is to lift heavy things.  The technique could be 5/3/1, 8×3, 5×5, conjugate or any other variation of lifting heavy weights.  


The technique you use is almost irrelevant as long as it’s a  technique for your goal.


I saw this infographic on Facebook that made me think of this post.  I’m not sure who the originator was but Eric Bach shared it.  If you take all the diets (techniques) out there their their overall strategy is to restrict calories to help you lose weight.


If technique is the model of car you have then the strategy would be to getting somewhere.  You can get somewhere by car, bus or hoofing it.  


Focus on the strategy rather than the technique.  You can reach your goal with a good strategy regardless of what technique you use.




For looking better naked or in a Speedo in our case, we have to put into action one of two strategies:


To lose weight/fat

Burn more calories than you take in.

Get your heart rate elevated 4-5x a week.


To get bigger/stronger

Take in more calories than you burn.

Lift heavy things at least 3x per week.


Regardless of what technique you use, if you execute on these strategies you are aces with a z-snap.


Dave, this is way too simple.  Quit playin.  


(Truth be told I’ve always wanted to drop that line in a post.)


Let me illustrate my point a wee bit with the losing weight or fat strategy:




Density Training


[Bodybuilding Competition Prep]

Carb Cycling

High Volume weight lifting



Ketogenic Diet

Running an obscene amount



Slow Carb-ish Diet

Playing Sports


Four different techniques to get to the same end game.  Focus on the strategy and less on which technique to use.




Step 1: Buy a Speedo


Follow this link and buy a Speedo [Affiliate link] in the most ridiculous look-at-me color you can find.  If it makes your eyes bleed you know it’s the right one.


Step 2: Set a deadline


A goal without a deadline is just a dream.  Since we are in mid April, go with a mid June or early July release date.  Too soon and you won’t be ready, too late and summer is over.  Time that ish right.


Step 3: Input Strategy


I’m going out on a limb here – I think you enjoyed the holidays and the stuck around four months after the fact.  So our goal is to lose weight.  


Step 4: Take Action


This is the most important step.  Without taking action you just wasted time planning.  Get to work executing your strategy.


This could be as simple as heating half of what you would normally eat and walking everyday.  Seriously, don’t overthink this shit.


Step 5: Stay Consistent


Inconsistent work will give you inconsistent results regardless of the technique and strategy you implore.  This is why you should pick a technique that you enjoy.  If you hate every minute of it you’ll never do it.


Hate the gym but you want to get stronger?  Lift some rocks.  Lift a fat kid.  The technique you use is only limited by your imagination.  Yes that thing you lost once you were told Santa wasn’t real.  Sorry I should have said Spoiler Alert before dropping that bomb.




System: Framework for actions to hit your goal.


Once you stumble upon the techniques that you enjoy and help you reach your goals you have now graduated from Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters or the less enthusiastic – system for hitting that goal.


If you have a system then you know exactly what to do when you need to lose weight.


My system for losing weight is carb cycling and hitting body parts twice a week with medium to heavy weights.  


Don’t get caught up in finding the right diet or workout plan.  You’ll burn yourself out researching before you ever lose a pound.  Focus on doing things you enjoy so you can enjoy the process.  Hit the strategies and get ready to make people’s eyes bleed come July.



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