30 Day Challenges

Looking to change your life up a little bit?

Looking for a way to make your life a little better?

Try one of the Aesthetic Physiques 30 Day Challenges.  Give me 30 days to get you better than when you started.

These aren’t just about getting in better shape, these will hit topics like self improvement, fitness and dieting.  We all need work, so let’s make it fun and supportive.

Make sure to comment to track tell everyone about your progress and support your fellow challenger.  Join the Free community on Facebook to get the daily challenges.

Commenting Rules: 

Things that are cool:

  • Support for the other people taking the challenge
  • Good natured shit talking
  • Swearing

Not cool and will not be tolerated:

  • Attacking other people
  • Creeping 
  • Crude language

Other than that have fun and let’s make some positive stride in our lives.  For things I can, I’ll be posting my involvement daily on Twitter and Instagram so make sure to follow me.

100 Squat Challenge – starting 8/11/16

Ab/Core Challenge – Starting 10/20/16

Lunge Challenge – Starting 2/20/2017