Ab/ Core Challenge

Everyone likes a tighter midsection.  You look better in clothes, your pants aren’t tight and you have more confidence when you take your shirt off.  Plus it’s abs, we all love-’em.

This is a no equipment workout and will take up very little time, 5-10 mins at most.

If you don’t usually exercise, you will be sore.  Tough it out and keep going, you might surprise yourself in the end.

Recruit a friend to keep motivation up.  If nothing else you guys can complain how much it sucks to each other.

Accountability is huge, so you don’t have to post videos each day, but a Facebook post or tweet saying you did it.  It adds a level of accountability that will help when we get around Day 15.

What you need to do:

  • Take a before picture on the 20th when the challenge starts.  Post it or keep it for yourself amongst your dirty pics if you want.  Then, after you finish the Day 30 workout, take another pic.
  • Measure your waist around your belly button and hold on to this number.  After the Day 30 workout, take another measurement in the same place.

I’ll be picking 1 winner with the greatest loss to their midsection.  The winner will get free Aesthetic Physiques t-shirt.  This is where the waist measurements and the before and after pics will come in handy.  If you want to be entered, send the before and after pics to me along with the measurements to [email protected] after the contest is over.


Let’s do this. If you have any questions about how this works, post here and I’ll get back to you.

Here is the pdf: 30-day-ab-core-challenge




Reverse Crunch

Back Hyperextension