Fantasy Fitness

All the fun of Fantasy Football except for the aggravation of your team shitting the bed.

First Season Starts January 6, 2020.

What’s the thing separating you and your goal?

It’s not knowledge.  

It’s not desire.

It’s not ability 

It’s consistency.  

Without consistency you’re just starting the same race over and over.

This challenge is built to help you reach the finish line once and for all.

Regardless if you want to build muscle or lean out, the basic principles are the same.  This challenge will help you build those as well as put you on the fast track to reach your goal.

Each day you’ll earn points by doing the things that have helped my clients achieve great results.  

The more consistent you are the more points you’ll earn and the better results you’ll see in the mirror.

Repetition creates habits

Habits create Consistency

Consistency = Results

aesthetic-physiques-online-training-clientI had been going to the gym for the better part of 10 years and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Dave’s program was vastly different than what I had expected.  It was a complete approach which included gym workouts and specific diet  recommendations (macros).  Within 2 months, I increased my max squat numbers by 90 lbs and my deadlift by 110 lbs. 


“Dave has been incredibly great to work with. He not only gives you realistic programs to work with both from a diet and exercise perspective, but he is a true coach. He works with you on your goals, giving helpful advice, adjusting your diet and workout programs along the way, and letting you know what is normal or not. I’ve been working with him for about three months, and am 13 pounds lighter, am a lot stronger, and have packed on a bunch of muscle. My posture has gotten better and have built a bigger chest and back.”

The Deets:

Duration: 8 weeks (Jan 6 – Mar 1)

Cost: $75/month ($150 one-time payment through PayPal).  If you bring a friend you get the challenge for 50% off.

What You’ll Need:  Access to a gym. Sorry there are no home workouts this season.

Grand Prize:  An additional free month of customized 1:1 coaching with me or free entry into next season (tentatively scheduled for Mid-May) 

Bonus:  Everyone that participates gets a free month of customized 1:1 coaching with me after the season 

How To Win: Complete your workouts, nail your nutrition and build the habits needed to succeed.


  • 8 weeks of a workout program similar to what my 1:1 clients would receive,
  • Nutritional Guide
  • Free calorie and macro calculation
  • Online Support Community
  • Weekly Facebook Lives and Q n A’s
  • Daily accountability check-ins


aesthetic-physiques-online-coaching-client-weight-loss“Dave is a great coach, he motivates you to do your best and to take things day by day. He does a good job making you understand that you don’t have to be perfect to see progress, you just have to treat everyday like it’s a new opportunity to get back in the horse and that small adjustments could be the difference in achieve the success you are looking for.”

“WOOOOOOOT!!!  Lost 11 lbs of fat, gianed 4.5lbs of muscle to get an all time low of 16.9% body fat!!  Thanks so very very much!  I could not have done this without you.  Let’s keep going!!!”

The Season Starts January 6th, Registration Closes Monday January 6th at Midnight.