Lunge Challenge

How can you simultaneously add muscle to your legs, improve back pain, get that infamous booty or to increase your squat and deadlift without the use of weights?

The lunge.

Welcome to the 30 day challenge.  Lunge edition.

This is a no equipment workout and will take up very little time, 5-10 mins at most.

If you don’t usually exercise, you will be sore.  Tough it out and keep going, you might surprise yourself in the end.  Especially with lunges, if you do it one day and skip the next day because you are sore you’ll only regret it later.  Trust me on this.  Keep going for the entire 30 days even when you don’t want to.

Recruit a friend to keep motivation up.  If nothing else you guys can complain how much it sucks to each other.

Accountability is huge, so you don’t have to post videos each day, but a Facebook post or tweet saying you did it.  It adds a level of accountability that will help when we get around Day 15.

Come over to the Free community page on Facebook where you can get the pdf, the support and a group of people going through the same hell as you.

Here are the variations we are doing over the next 30 days.

Walking Lunge

Reverse Lunge

Side Lunge