Stop Wondering:

 “Does This T-Shirt Make Me Look Fat?”

The fitness industry is fucked.

One week it’s Intermittent Fasting is the best diet ever but then next week it’s Keto.

One trainer that has the “secret” to building muscle…oh but wait that trainer has a secret too.

Supplement companies bombard you with ripped guys and huge boobs all while promising you all your problems will be solved with this “special” supplement.

Meanwhile here you are juggling a family, work, a social life you don’t have time to figure out which one works for you.  So you try everything.

And what happens? 


No weight loss.

No “looking good” compliments.

No shirtless selfies flexing your muscles.

Frustration sets in. You feel more and more like there is no hope for you.

I know this feeling because I was there too.

There’s a Better Way

Hi, I’m Dave.

Just kiddin’ I only wish I could move like that.

This is me.

Drinking beer and eating fast food led me to gain 40 pounds after high school.  I would buy XXL shirts just to try to hide my belly.  

My confidence was in the toilet. I had no energy and felt like crap all the time.

I tried fat burners, workouts from magazines and every diet under the sun only to stay exactly the same.

It wasn’t until a bad breakup after college that I discovered what actually works for getting your Aesthetic Physique and totally took charge of my life again.

  • Flexible Dieting
  • Science-Based Workouts

This is the same approach I take with my online coaching clients:


“I had been going to the gym for the better part of 10 years and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Dave’s program was vastly different than what I had expected.  It was a complete approach which included gym workouts and specific diet  recommendations (macros).  Within 2 months, I increased my max squat numbers by 90 lbs and my deadlift by 110 lbs.”


“Dave is a great coach, he motivates you to do your best and to take things day by day. He does a good job making you understand that you don’t have to be perfect to see progress, you just have to treat everyday like it’s a new opportunity to get back in the horse and that small adjustments could be the difference in achieve the success you are looking for.”


Dave has been incredibly great to work with. He not only gives you realistic programs to work with both from a diet and exercise perspective, but he is a true coach. He works with you on your goals, giving helpful advice, adjusting your diet and workout programs along the way, and letting you know what is normal or not. I’ve been working with him for about three months, and am 13 pounds lighter, am a lot stronger, and have packed on a bunch of muscle. My posture has gotten better and have built a bigger chest and back.


The Unicorn Approach

My methods are sustainable and lead to last change because you’ll take one step at a time. That’s the opposite of the false promise of “30 Day Abs” programs. So you won’t have to sacrifice your life to get results.  

There is No “Best” Diet

Dieting shouldn’t suck.  And there’s no magical fat loss diet.  They all work if you’re consistent. The trick is finding the right diet for you.

You’ll learn how to make dieting fun and simple by picking the right diet to fit the way you like to eat.

You’ll also learn how to keep all the finer things in life like beer, pizza and wings while still burning fat and gaining muscle.

No More Magazine Workouts

Forget the days of “winging it” in the gym.  Every time you hit the gym you’ll have a plan and you won’t have to stay there for hours.   

You can forget about hopping from magazine workout to magazine workout hoping to get results.

Gaining strength and adding muscle will be priority #1 to jumpstart your metabolism and make it easier to lose fat.

Here’s how I’m going to do that…

Never Feel Alone

One of the worst things is not having anyone to answer your questions.  With constant support I’ll be able to answer all your questions to help speed up your results.

If you have a question about how to avoid hand pain when holding heavy dumbbells, I’ll be there to answer.  

Travelling for work and still want to workout?  I’ll craft a plan with the equipment available.

Constantly killing all your fat loss progress on the weekends?  You’ll learn how to enjoy yourself without having to restart every Monday.

Nothing can derail your motivation more than having questions and not being able to get an answer.  

You’ll always have me in your corner.

Double Your Rate of Success

If there were a way to double your chances for fitness success, would you be interested?

The secret tool is accountability.  

If you have no one holding you accountable it’s easy to let things slide because “It was a rough week at work.”

That is what you’ll get with our weekly check-ins.

Each week we’ll go over your diet and nutrition from the week before and tweak the plan as needed to further accelerate your results.

You Still Get To Live Your Life

I’ve done the whole “Can’t go out, on a diet” thing.  

It sucks ass.  

Being in shape should enhance your life by helping you get laid, look better on vacation and making people jealous at reunions.  

It’s not meant for you to keep your Aesthetic Physiques under home confinement…well unless you are too busy getting laid. In that case, stay home.

You’ll have more confidence wearing clothes that fit. No more wearing baggy shirts to hide your belly.

You’ll have more energy throughout the day. No more feeling sluggish and not having the motivation to get off the couch.

You’ll look more like a superhero than Homer Simpson. 

How Online Coaching Will Help You Look Better Naked

Initial On-boarding

Your success depends on having a plan individualized to you. The initial assessment guarantees everything that makes you unique is taken into consideration.

  • Strategy Session – We’ll determine precisely what you want to accomplish, and why. From there, you’ll get a plan that fits exactly to your specific needs and lifestyle.
  • Health History – Any relevant health issues or injuries are taken into consideration as your program is being designed, so that your training and nutrition improve your health and not take over your world.
  • Nutrition Assessment – We’ll determine what’s missing in your nutrition preventing the optimal hormones, lean muscle gain, and fat loss you want.

Individualized Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is key to achieving a lean, strong body. But it doesn’t have to be confusing… or make your take carbs completely out of your diet. Your nutrition plan is built around finding what’s most sustainable for you.

  • Diet Structure Fit To You – We work together to determine the diet structure that best fits your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here – you don’t have to track macros, go low-carb, or do Keto. This is about finding the nutrition strategy that works best for you and gets you the results you want.
  • Sustainability – Changing your body is challenging, but your diet shouldn’t make the rest of your life suck. You’ll learn how to sustain a lean, strong body while fueling your body properly.
  • Guidance – You’ll get strategies for social events and constant guidance to make this all easier.

Customized Training Program

Your program is built specifically for you. You’ll achieve your performance and aesthetic goals, without living in the gym.

  • Minimal Effective Dose – Movements, training frequency, and volume all matched to your goals and lifestyle. Get in, get out and on with your life.
  • Specialized Training Phases – Nothing is random. Your training is mapped out in phases, designed to progressively move you towards your goal body. Workouts change every 4-6 weeks to keep it engaging and fun.
  • Knowledge – You’ll learn the how and why of everything in your program. You’ll never have to feel lost or confused in the gym again.
  • Exercise Videos- Know exactly how you should do each exercise.  Spend more time building muscle and less dealing with nagging injuries.
  • Form Checks – Not sure if you’re doing something right?  Take a video and I’ll provide extra tips and cues to make sure you’re getting the most out of every movement.

Access, Accountability and Education

You’ll constantly have me in your corner as a guide, with all the tools you need to be successful. I’m also here to call you out when needed. You’ll learn everything you need to know to sustain your results for the rest of your life

  • Weekly Check-ins – For any program or nutrition tweaks, and ensure weekly goals are met.
  • Adjustments – Traveling, sick, hurt, etc.? No problem, you’ll get the needed adjustments to keep progress rolling.
  • 30 Day Video Course– Quick 5 minute videos to help you focus on the stuff you need rather than finding conflicting information searching Google.

Is Online Coaching For You?

If you have experience in the gym but the #gainz have stalled, I’d love to hear from you.

I am here to coach you, not just provide a program.  You’ll have to put in the work. 

I’m not a cheerleader. You need to be self-motivated, but I’ll be with you every step of the way. I will be the first one to give you a virtual high-five or kick in the ass.

My goal is to teach you so you can do this on your own.  You’ll create the long-term habits that help you build and keep your best body for the rest of your life.  

Whose’s Not a Fit?

Online Coaching is not for everyone.  Neither am I.

  • People with severe injuries or a history of serious injuries. We can work around minor issues, but fixing serious injuries is outside my expertise. See a physical therapist or other medical professional.
  • Vegans and Vegetarians. I’m flexible on just about everything in life except for Taylor Swift, Sevendust and meat consumption.  
  • True beginners. If you have no idea what a barbell is and have never lifted one, we are probably not a match. Please see a personal trainer at a local gym.  

Online Coaching Is For You If…

  • You’re tired of not getting the results you want.  You’ll learn to simplify fitness and nutrition to accelerate your results.
  • You want to look good with or without your shirt on, get your confidence back or be the jacked guy in your group of friends.  You’ll be able to get there without living in the gym.  
  • You want to be strong.  Feel bad-ass and see your strength go up as we progress.

How Much Does it Cost?

If you’ve read this far you’re probably wondering how much it is.

Local in-person trainers charge between $70 and $100 for just one session. 

The big name online coaches?  Between $300-$500 per month.

And to have a personalized diet plan or training program drawn up from a popular website, you’re looking at $150 each.

I don’t want you to have to take out a second mortgage to pay for this. 

That’s why right now, it’s priced at just $225 per month. 

(That’s around $7.50 per day.) 

For less than the cost of your lunch, you could be on the fast track to the body you always wanted.

Hell, I paid $9 for a salad and a Diet Dr Pepper yesterday.

So If You’re Tired of Not Seeing Results, Apply below!