Tired of Wasting Time In The Gym?

Gain Muscle and The Confidence You Deserve.

More confidence. More energy.  More muscle. Less fat. 

You want it all — along with with millions of other guys out there. No wonder so many ask their wives and girlfriends  “Does this T-shirt make me look fat?”   The answer is often yes, or maybe an unconvincing “no.”

No matter how nicely she puts it, the answer is a confidence killer.  Pretty soon the lack of confidence moves into other areas. It can be a downward spiral. 

So you say “I’ll workout more.”

You go to fitness magazines for your workouts but the promised results don’t  happen.  You just end up beaten up and injured.  

You buy shady supplements that promise “Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks” but you lose zero.

Then comes the last straw. One night you Google “How do I lose belly fat?” only to get tons of seemingly conflicting messages.

Frustration sets in. You feel more and more like crap and feel like there is no hope for you.

I know this feeling because I was there too.  

Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life Shouldn’t Consume It

Hi, I’m Dave.

Drinking beer and eating fast food led me to gain 40 pounds after high school.  I would buy shirts too big to try to hide my belly.  

My confidence withered away. I had no energy and felt like crap all the time.

I tried fat burners, weight loss supplements, and every diet under the sun only to stay exactly the same.

It wasn’t until a bad breakup after college that I discovered what actually works for getting your Aesthetic Physique and totally took charge of my life again.

  • Flexible Dieting
  • Science-Based Workouts

Since then I’ve received advanced certifications and devoted a huge portion of my time to learning how to simplify fitness and nutrition to get better and faster results.  

My writing has also been featured in top publications like Bach Performance, Muscle and Strength, The Huffington Post, The Distilled Man and the Personal Trainer Development Center.


Life has a funny way of creeping up on us.  

Back in high school you could eat like crap but it was OK because your metabolism was fast and you were playing sports and always on the go. 

Flash forward to today. Maybe the only exercise you can fit in is the occasional walk to the bathroom from your desk. 

Or maybe you do have time to make it to the gym occasionally. But you jump from workout to workout with no real plan.  Or is it that you do the same workout for years. 

Your belly grows and your confidence plummets. 

That changes today.



Would you like to learn how to:

Like What You See In The Mirror

Put On A Shirt And Say “Damn I Look Good Today!”

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

All of this while still enjoying beer, pizza, and tailgating?


No kind at all. 

My methods are sustainable and lead to lasting change because I’ll help you make things simple.

That’s the opposite of the false promise of “abs in a week.” Meaning you won’t have to live in the gym or eat boiled chicken and broccoli for lunch and dinner everyday.  That’s a shitty way to live.

Eat (mostly) Like You Want, Build the Body You Deserve

Dieting shouldn’t suck.  And there’s no magical fat loss diet.  They all work if you’re consistent. The trick is finding the right diet for you.

You’ll learn how to make dieting fun and simple by picking the right diet to fit the way you like to eat. 

You’ll also learn how to keep all the finer things in life like beer, pizza and wings while still burning fat and gaining muscle.

Workouts Designed To Gain Lean Muscle With The Time And Equipment You Have

Forget the days of “wingin’ it” in the gym.  Every time you hit the gym you’ll have a plan and you won’t have to stay there for hours.   

You can forget about hopping from magazine workout to magazine workout hoping to get results.

Gaining strength and adding muscle will be priority #1 to jumpstart your metabolism and make it easier to lose fat.

Never Feel Alone

One of the worst things is not having anyone to answer your questions.  With constant support I’ll be able to answer all your questions to help speed up your results.

If you have a question about how to avoid hand pain when holding heavy dumbbells, I’ll be there to answer.  

Travelling for work and still want to workout?  I’ll craft a plan with the equipment available. 

Constantly killing all your fat loss progress on the weekends?  You’ll learn how to enjoy yourself without having to restart every Monday. 

Nothing can derail your motivation more than having questions and not being able to get an answer.  

You’ll always have me in your corner.

Double Your Rate of Success

If there were a way to double your chances for fitness success, would you be interested? 

How about a tool that creates time in your busy schedule for workouts?

A proven way to help you out of a rut or through a plateau?

The secret tool is accountability.  

That is what you’ll get with Aesthetic Physiques Coaching through weekly check-ins. 

Each week we’ll go over your diet and workout from the week before and tweak the plan as needed to further accelerate your results.


You Still Get To Live Your Life


I’ve done the whole “Can’t go out, on a diet” thing.  

It sucked ass.  

Being in shape should enhance your life by helping you get laid, look better and feel better and get your youthful energy back.  

It’s not meant for you to keep your Aesthetic Physiques under home confinement…well unless you are too busy getting laid. In that case, please stay home.

You’ll have more confidence wearing clothes that fit. No more wearing baggy shirts or constant tugging on your shirt to hide your belly.

You’ll have more energy throughout the day. No more feeling sluggish and not having the motivation to get off the couch.

You’ll look more like a superhero than Homer Simpson. No more will people wonder if you even lift.

Customized Coaching that Focuses on Simplicity

Individualized Fat Burning Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is key to achieving a lean, strong body. But it doesn’t have to be confusing… or make you take carbs completely out of your diet. Your nutrition plan is built around finding what’s most sustainable for you.

Simplifying Healthy Eating– A life of plain chicken breast and broccoli is not a life I wish upon my worst enemy.  A fat burning or muscle building diet comes in many shapes and forms.  We’ll find the nutrition strategy that works best for you and gets you the results you want.

You Get to Keep The Good Stuff – Giving up the good stuff in life (sweets and alcohol so we are on the same page here) is not required.  We can build a nutrition plan together that gives you everything you want (like fat loss) with everything you really want (alcohol).

Simplify Eating at Social Events – Never again will you need to ask yourself the question “Can I have this delicious steak and not mess up my diet?”.  You’ll always have a plan.

Customized Muscle Building Workout Program

Your program is built specifically for you. You’ll achieve your performance and aesthetic goals, without living in the gym.

Fits To YOUR Schedule – Movements, training frequency, and volume all matched to your goals and lifestyle. These all-important factors to results are optimized for your specific goals.

Never Wonder What You Should Be Doing – Nothing is random. Your training is mapped out in phases, designed to progressively move you towards your goal body. Workouts change every 4-6 weeks to keep it engaging and fun.

Have All Your Questions Answered – You’ll learn the how and why of everything in your program. You’ll never have to feel lost or confused in the gym again.

More Plates = More Dates – Get the body that automatically answers the questions “Do you lift” with a resounding YES!

Unlimited Support and Accountability

You’ll constantly have me in your corner as a guide, with all the tools you need to be successful. I’m also here to call you out when needed. You’ll learn everything you need to know to sustain your results for the rest of your life, without me. 

Weekly Check-ins – For any program or nutrition tweaks, and ensure weekly goals are met.

Adjustments – Traveling, sick, hurt, etc.? No problem, you’ll get the needed adjustments to keep progress rolling.

You’ll never feel alone during this process.


If you have experience in the gym but you haven’t seen progress lately, I’d love to hear from you.

I am here to coach you, not just provide a program you can get online somewhere.  You’ll have to put in the work. Some people consider me a nice guy, not a hard-ass. But I will apply the tough love when needed.

I’m not a cheerleader. You need to be self-motivated, but I’ll be with you every step of the way. I will be the first one to give you a virtual high-five or kick in the ass.

My goal is to teach you so you can do this on your own.  You’ll create the long-term habits that help you build and keep your best body for the rest of your life and never have to hire another coach again.


  • You’re tired of not getting the results you want.  You’ll learn to simplify fitness and nutrition to accelerate your results.
  • You want to look good with or without your shirt on, get your confidence back or be the jacked guy in your group of friends.  You’ll be able to get there without living in the gym.  
  • You want to be strong.  Feel bad-ass and see your strength go up as we progress.

Your Move

Let’s be honest, if you were getting the results you wanted you would have never read this far.  

Stop trying to piece together a fat loss program only to waste more of your time.    

Setup a time below for us to talk and start seeing results next week.