Disclosure: To be transparent, I am an affiliate of  So if you purchase something through the links, I get a cut with no extra cost to you.  This helps keep my lights on, so I and my wife thank you.  The products I put up are not to make a quick buck on my end, I used and vetted all these products to give you the highest quality.  If I recommended products I didn’t use I would lose the trust of my readers and then I’d be left alone and in the dark.



Hyde is great to get me going in the morning.  The only thing is there is 400mg of caffeine so I have to take 1/2 scoops.


For the kid cereal aficionado.  Taste good but sweet as hell if you use more than 1 scoop.  Really good when you mix it with heavy cream.

I have the quest in Salted Caramel and it is amazing.  Like the Isolicous above, super sweet when you use more than one scoop.

Supplements and other things

No fishy burps.  Wild sourced.  Just omega-3s.  Lemony flavor is very light but just enough to not taste like rubber.

XTend by far has the best BCAA profile out there.  It’s a little sweet but I’ll take that over an inferior product.  See my post on BCAAs

I keep these around if I feel like snacking.  They’re good for a protein chip but they can’t stack up to regular chips imo.

I haven’t had a bad Quest Bar.  Regardless of flavor they are fantastic.  FYI, Apple Pie, Smo’re , Cinnamon Bun and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are amazing warmed up for like 10-15 sec in the microwave.  Make sure you take the bar out of the wrapper first.

My Gym Bar Essentials

Wrist straps when deadlifting 300+ lbs.  Required unless you have a kung-fu grip.

Dip belt, great for adding weight for chin-ups, pull-ups and well dips.  It beats the hell out of trying to grip a 50lb dumbbell with your knees.

Weight lifting belt.  Only use when you are near max weight.  Otherwise you are just weakening your core.  See my post on it (it was one of my first posts, go easy).